Could QR Save You Money on Your Home Telecom Packages?

QR code

Over the years, new methods have been innovated to make access to information easier. Quick response, more popularly known as QR, is an easy way of verifying information on your smartphone or uploading the same. It involves the use of black bars that are coded to contain specific information. The code is scanned by your phone, which then decodes the data and helps you access all that you need concerning the encrypted message.

Uses of Quick Response Codes

You might have come across a Quick Response code either on a product or seen one on a TV advert. Probably you are probably wondering what’s their use and why they have to be there? Surprisingly, these codes have been around for decades, only that now they have made a massive come back both in the commercial industry and domestic product use. The codes are two-dimensional bar codes and can be used to hide a lot of information in just one system.

The primary use of these codes is to condense information to save space and time. For a manager in retail forms of businesses, by the help of the code, the purchase process is faster. By only scanning it, one gets the product’s name and price. It is quite fast, depending on the broadband service one uses. It is also quite useful in helping to save confidential information that can otherwise fall in the wrong hands if not encrypted.

For a regular citizen, the quick response codes help get information faster than typing out a link on the internet to find what one might be looking for. With a simple smartphone and the QR application, you can quickly scan a code and decode it on your phone. The decoding applications can be downloaded for free from the Apple Store, Blackberry App World, or Google store. If you do not have a smartphone, you can quickly get one on Sell My Mobile at affordable prices.

Effectiveness of the Quick Response Codes in Data Management

For many people, one of the most stressful but necessary bills is broadband payments. More than ever before, people look for information on the internet all day long and hence cannot afford to not have access to the internet. Many wish they could do it a bit faster so that they do not spend too much time on the internet, hence reducing their internet or data bills. The quick response codes provide a solution for such concerns.

Using a quick response code is faster than typing out a link or a whole sentence to find the information you are looking for. All you need is to place your phone against the code under adequate lighting and let the decoding app scan the code. The app then processes the system and decodes the information in seconds. This not only saves you time and space, but it also saves you money. For most marketers, the quick response code is seen as a method to connect an online world to the offline world.


From advertisements to print and paper messaging, quick response codes have proven to be effective, timely, and fast. They are attractive and can be branded to capture customers’ attention. If you want to save on your data usage, using quick response codes to search for information might be a solution that will effectively work for you.


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