Cool New Red Bull Augmented Reality App Released

by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien

Red Bull Augmented App

Red Bull recently launched an all new augmented reality racing app for iPhone and iPod Touch users which is its first ever mobile gaming app for the said gadgets. The mobile app takes users to newer heights, introducing the newest features in racing games.

The Red Bull Augmented Racing that instead of just using a user to play the game, it enables the player to design his own virtual track. Although most racing games allows players to do such, Red Bull does it in a different way.

Red Bull cans are used to design the tracks by lining them up, in any circuit of the shape of your choice. Once you have the desired shape, all you need to do is take a picture of the Red Bull cans – the front and the top of the cans. The pictures are then used to generate a virtual race track. Using the virtual car, a player can get on with the game, racing through the custom-built racetrack. After the jump, a video of the race can be viewed.

The mobile app is free for download at the Red Bull racing site. The tracks created can be shared with friends, allowing other users to race through it. Further, the app enables players to browse through racetracks that were created by other Red Bull customers. The results of the games are shown through real-time leader boards.

This is a unique way of marketing for Red Bull, for it does not just encourage users to use the app, but it also calls for them to buy more Red Bull to have a longer course for the virtual racetracks. The more Red Bull cans, then a longer and more complicated track can be created.

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