Content Ideas for Your Business Intranet

what is the intranet

There are loads of benefits you can enjoy from investing in intranet software for your business and there are also some things you can implement to allow you to make the most out of the software.

This piece will discuss some of the ways in which you can make the most out of your intranet and encourage communication and cohesion between employees, and boost engagement.

Read on to find some inspiration for content ideas for your business intranet so you can collect important data for your business.

Create An Interesting and Dynamic Space

Creating an interesting and dynamic space is important not only for current employees, but it is also important for new ones coming on board! Let them know in a creative way what your business is about. This could include photos of the team, of work nights out or team building exercises, videos on your ethos, what you have achieved so far as a company, funny anecdotes, or anything else you can think of that might make your new employees feel not only welcome, but also have an understanding about what their new employer is about.

The first 6 months could be when employees decide whether they have made the right move and will want to stay in their role, so being transparent and fun from the get-go will definitely be a great first impression! Invest in Simpplr for a dynamic intranet solution!

Meet the team for your intranet business

Meet The Team

A meet the team section on your intranet is a great little feature for everyone, especially newcomers. It is nice to know a little bit about who you are working with, and them with you, as this can help facilitate bonding and positive teamwork!

Why not give each member of your team an interview? You can ask them about their skill set, why they decided to join the company, what they like to do in their spare time (which can be great information to establish some common hobbies or interests), and what they like about their job!

Start a Discussion

Starting a discussion on your business intranet software will help encourage collaboration, get the creative juices flowing amongst the team, and can help give everyone a talking point. This could be something that you will be focusing on in your business for the next few weeks to come, or perhaps you might want your employee’s input on some changes you might be considering making. Whatever it is, using the intranet is a great way to get everyone in the same place, seeing the same thing, and putting their ideas together!

Be Consistent!

Like with any business or content creation, having a consistent schedule of content will help keep engagement high, and this can help give you more usable data on your employees to help both you and your employees get the best out of their job role.

If you keep a schedule ahead of time, you will be able to post consistently. Even just using tags to prompt what you want to post, such as the latest news or a joke, can help spur on ideas closer to the time.


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