Contactless QR codes to replace Hutchinson chamber in-person table tents

Contactless QR codes - Person scanning QR code with smartphone

The Hutchinson Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism will use the barcodes for community event listings.

The Hutchison Area Chamber of Commerce and Tourism has announced that it will be using contactless QR codes to replace its in-person table tents to list community events.

The purpose is to help to affordably and practically share information without close contact.

The chamber has decided on the contactless QR codes to replace the table tents due to convenience and safety. This digital format is compatible with all smartphones and is extremely affordable for businesses to use.

From 2005 until now, the chamber has used three-sided table tents to share quarterly listings of community events. These were displayed in local businesses and restaurants to help keep the community informed. However, all events were required to shut down last year when the pandemic hit.

Now that events are gradually returning, the chamber is using a digital format to make it easier for people to learn about them without the need to make physical contact with people or papers.

The contactless QR codes are already displayed in various places throughout the community.

All people need to do to use them is to use their smarthphones to scan the barcodes. Most camera apps will scan them automatically, but for those that don’t, free barcode readers can do the trick instead. From there, the device user is automatically directed to the event listing.

“The QR code will direct people to a new event listing page, with the same basic information as table tents, and then link directly to their online information,” said a news release from the Hutchinson Chamber. It believes that this new digital format will help to reduce physical contact with items while decreasing the cost of event listings and providing broader and lengthier event exposure.

Moreover, using a digital method with contactless QR codes instead of print, there aren’t any printing schedule deadlines. Events can be added or removed at any time.

“As our society becomes more dependent on digital options, this was an easy way for us to transition the beloved table tents to something very user friendly for our event partners and the end user,” said Contactless QR codes - Person scanning QR code with smartphoneChamber President Mary Hodson. “As we segue from physically based and digitally enhanced, to a world of digitally based and physically enhanced, this really made sense for us.”

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