Consumers prefer mobile commerce over their browsers instead of apps

Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce
Zmags, a rich media company, has released the results of its recent survey which has shown that while most users of tablet computers had made purchases through those mobile devices over the holiday shopping season, most of them preferred to do so over their browsers as opposed to using branded apps.

Among tablet owners, 87 percent had used their device to make at least one purchase during the holiday shopping period in 2011. The average amount that was spent by tablet users during this time was $325. Moreover, over half of them either browse products or shop from those devices at least once per week.

That said, the survey conducted by Zmag, which included the participation of 1,500 consumers, discovered that while brands are investing heavily in the development of apps for the customers who want to interact with them through mobile, only 4 percent of those consumers would actually prefer to use apps to shop using their tablets or smartphones.

Comparatively speaking, 14 percent of smartphone users prefer to shop using the mobile website of a company, and 9 percent of tablet users share this preference.

The CMO and COO of Zmags, W. Sean Ford, the research clearly shows that apps for smartphones and tablets, by themselves, simply are not meeting the needs of mobile consumers for their browsing and purchasing “in an increasingly complex retail landscape – and that browser-based commerce is their preference.”

He went on to say that for companies and brands, there is a tremendous amount of potential for taking advantage of this complexity by creating consistent and engaging shopping experiences that have been optimized for mobile browsers for both smartphones and tablets.

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