ConnectMe QR releases new mobile marketing platform to broaden its customer profile

ConnectMe QR app

ConnectMe QR app

ConnectMe QR, a mobile marketing business, has announced the expansion of its customer profile following the launch of its new subscription service, Advanced Mobile Website Editor and QR code, which was released at the start of the year.

The company’s flagship product is called the mCard, and when it was first unveiled, the attention was focused on directing consumers to the contact information and social media of subscribers. However, the Advanced Editor now allows those subscribers to provide further customization to their mCards (the mobile landing page to which the ConnectMe QR redirects smartphone users), so that they may enter their own text and choose from among more than 200 icons.

The icons are linked to whatever information the subscriber wishes to share with a smartphone user when the QR code is scanned. This information may include up to 9 links, such as email addresses, telephone numbers, social media pages, YouTube videos, and even tools such as interactive location-based maps.

The new platform for ConnectMe QR is designed to provide any groups that share a common interest or goal – such as professional associations, network marketing companies, civic groups, churches, and direct selling industries – with an effective means to improve the way communication can occur among their participants. It functions by keeping people within those circles connected and engaged with information that is both immediate and relevant.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics has indicated that affiliate and network marketing are among the most rapidly growing elements of the business community, with 175,000 new people being added to the direct selling industry in the United States every week.

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