Competition is heating up in China’s mobile commerce space

Bejing China QR Codes mobile commerce

Alibaba may soon see its position threatened in China

China’s e-commerce space may soon see a significant shift in power. Alibaba, one of the largest e-commerce and Internet organizations in the world, is preparing to launch an initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange. This has taken a significant degree of the company’s focus, and created an opportunity for its competitors to make moves to establish their own dominance in the digital commerce field. set to begin selling products through the Mobile QQ platform, Alibaba’s chief rival in China, is making moves to work more closely with Tencent, another of Alibaba’s competitors. The two companies have shared an alliance for some time now, working together to find some success in the mobile commerce space. Now, is leveraging this alliance to begin selling products from the Mobile QQ platform, which is a messaging service managed by Tencent. The platform boasts of 490 million active users each month, most of whom are young consumers.

Mobile QQ likely to become a leading social commerce platform in the near future

Bejing China QR Codes mobile commerceMobile QQ is a leading messaging service, but will soon serve as a hotbed for social commerce activity. Those using the platform will be able to purchase products from with relative easy. This is expected to further increase people’s exposure to and the products it has on offer, increasing the company’s prominence in the e-commerce space. Backed by Tencent, which is the leading social and gaming organization in China, may be able to unseat Alibaba as the country’s e-commerce leader.

China continues to be a hotbed for mobile commerce activity

Mobile commerce is currently the battlefield upon which these large companies are contending with one another. A growing population of people with smartphones and tablets has made mobile commerce a top priority for retailers. The demand for mobile commerce services is on the rise and even companies as large as Alibaba and Tencent cannot ignore this demand without significant consequences. Blending mobile shopping and social media may be the way forward, as more people are beginning to show interest in using social platforms to find and purchase products.

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