Commonwealth Bank to launch new mobile commerce application

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New mobile commerce app coming to Australia

The Commonwealth Bank of Australia has announced that it will be launching a new banking application for iOS and Android devices that leverages NFC technology to enable mobile payments. The application is designed to allow users to purchase goods and services using their mobile devices rather than traditional forms of payment. The platform is not expected to be available for another few months, but the Commonwealth Bank believes that it will find a home with the majority of consumers.

Consumers begin demanding new mobile services

Australian consumers have been clamoring for new mobile commerce services for some time. Many people have expressed their enthusiasm for mobile payments and this growing demand has created significant pressure on the country’s financial service firms. The Commonwealth Bank is only one of these firms that have begun to pursue mobile commerce more aggressively in recent months in order to accommodate the interests of consumers.

Australia Mobile Commerce QR CodesLack of NFC support won’t be a problem for iOS devices

Though the application is based on NFC technology, the Commonwealth Bank has taken a step to ensure that it is accessible to the majority of its customers. The iOS version of the application is accompanied by an NFC-enabled sticker called a “PayTag.” This sticker lends an iOS device NFC capabilities, which will come in handy considering the fact that Apple products do not support NFC technology. Indeed, the Commonwealth Bank’s PayTag may actually make NFC-based mobile commerce more accessible via iOS devices than Android devices.

Android devices may have trouble using new application

For Android devices, the Commonwealth Bank will be offering support for a range of smartphones that are already equipped with NFC technology. The list of NFC-enabled Android devices is quite limited and while some of these devices are popular with consumers, many people do not own NFC-enabled smartphones. The Commonwealth Bank has not yet revealed which of these devices it will support with its new mobile commerce application.

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