College QR codes help applicants find a Delhi University College

College QR Codes - QR Code Scan

Delhi University administration is making the lives of new applicants easier.

During admissions this year, students new to Delhi and its colleges will have the advantage of using the new college QR codes to help them discover the appropriate departments, colleges and institutes that are part of Delhi University.

The unique QR Codes have been synched with Google Maps.

India is no stranger to using quick response codes in its educational system. As QR Code Press reported back in 2017, India’s Education Minister announced the launch of an enrollment program using QRcodes for the purpose of simplifying student identification in government schools.

The new college QR Codes from the Delhi University administration, however, are designed to make navigation for students easier. University officials said that the codes have even been synched with Google Maps. Every scan takes the applicant to the Google Maps location of the college, plus the college’s page. This provides students with easy and convenient access to useful information, such as the college’s phone numbers, operation times, address, and so on.

There is also talk of plans to later sync college-specific cutoff lists to these codes. This will make it so that each scan will inform students about that specific college’s cutoff list.

Students have complained that the college QR codes have drawbacks

As convenient as this new applicant method is meant to be, not all students are pleased with it. A news report from The Times of India revealed that some students complained that the quick response codes located on page 87 of the bulletin were too close together. One student reported that while attempting to scan the QR code for Delhi School of Journalism, the smartphone scanned the Germanic & Romance Studies department in Arts Faculty, instead.

Furthermore, not all applicants have access to smartphones or have functional cameras on their phones to scan the codes. Some students also didn’t like that idea of having to download a scanner app if their phone didn’t have a built-in scanner. That being said, officials did College QR Codes - QR Code Scansay that in addition to phones, the codes can be scanned using certain eWallet apps. The apps will direct applicants to the Google page of the scanned colleges.

Delhi University also intends to use the college QR codes during the open days to connect with applicants to provide regular updates. Moreover, the codes will be used to record how many applicants attended the interactive sessions.

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