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Codee Software Inc. has now released the next version (2.0) of its QR code platform, at the same time that it has opened the doors of its Codee App Store.

The Codee App Store is designed to provide mobile consumers with a range of different apps that will give them better use and control over the QR codes that they use in their everyday lives. They can buy a QR code app that is relatively inexpensive and goes above and beyond the traditional scanning app. These also provide consumers with their own unique QR code along with their purchase.

They are designed to be highly simple to use and configure by an individual with no specialized knowledge with the technology.

For example, the Contact My Parents app gives parents the ability to configure their unique QR code so that their child can scan it with a smartphone and it will automatically call the cell phone of the parent or will send a text message to that device. Parents simply need to attach a printed copy of the QR code to the child’s clothing, backpack, lunchbox, planner book, or another item that the child keeps with him or her.

Furthermore, the app can be reconfigured at any time and as many times as the parent wants, in order to change the action that is generated by a scan , or to change the phone number that it contacts.

All of the apps available from the Codee App Store come with the ability to download print-ready QR code images.

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