Cleveland Restaurant Week to be given some spice with QR codes

QR codes restaurants

QR codes in the food industry
Next month will be host to Cleveland Restaurant Week, a major culinary event held every year in Ohio. Despite the events name, participants will have fourteen days to enjoy the various activities that will be held in Downtown Cleveland. This year, the event’s organizer, Cleveland Independents, will be incorporating the latest mobile marketing trend to engage tech-savvy attendees. The group has adopted QR codes and plans to partner with the 90 restaurants that will be participating in the event.

Event organizers are currently working with local restaurants to formulate an effective promotional campaign for the event. The codes, when scanned with a smart phone, will take mobile users to a website where they can find information on the various restaurants in the area, including menus and location. The codes will be used to help drive traffic to restaurants, but they will also help Cleveland Independents keep track of how the codes are being used and by whom.

The group’s codes will be able to collect data from a smart phone when scanned, allowing the organization to determine the effectiveness of the campaign. The data collected in this manner includes the type of smart phone being used to scan the codes, the app being used, and basic identification information such as age and gender. The data will be used throughout the course of the event to make changes to the campaign as needed.

The event will begin November 1 and run through November 14.

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