Cigar QR codes inform consumers about their product purchases

Cigar QR codes - cigars

The quick response codes are printed on all Serie V Melanio line products to reveal their histories.

Olivia Cigars has announced that it is adding the first cigar QR codes to its products in the Serie V Melanio line. The goal is to help show consumers the origins of the product and the fascinating process through which it is made.

The barcodes are meant to provide more depth to the experience available to shoppers.

These cigar QR codes will be unique on each of the Serie V Melanio products. They can be scanned by anyone with a smartphone that either automatically detects the barcode through the camera app, or who uses any free barcode scanning app. The scan provides the customer with detailed background information about that specific product, said the company’s CEO Cory Bappert.

“For example, we pinpoint the factory where the cigar was rolled and what tobacco was used for it. And we also identify the Bonchero and the Rolero. The Bonchero handles the first step before the cigar gets rolled, while the Rolero makes sure that the binder is rolled around the cigar,” said Bappert.

Scanning the cigar QR codes will also provide consumers with multimedia learning tools.

People who scan the quick response barcodes will be able to watch videos of the factories that manufacture the products. These videos were produced in a partnership with Cnockspot, a Belgian studio.

“People like to know from what farm their food is coming; where their wallet and T-shirt has been made and who finished the table they just bought… We are happy to offer as the first ones in the industry a similar experience for the cigar smoker,” added Bappert.

The new use of the barcodes was developed with Esoptra, a Belgian data tech startup. The cigar QR codes use the company’s ZAZA.Rocks (Zero App Zero Account) platform. It makes it possible for the barcodes to link to a unique product’s unique creation journey until it reaches the hands of the Cigar QR codes - cigarsconsumer. This provides a much more thorough history of not only cigars or product lines but of the individual item a customer has purchased.

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