Chunghwa Telecom makes a strong move on mobile payments

Mobile Payments

Mobile payments make progress with the help of Chunghwa Telecom

Chunghwa Telecom, one of Taiwan’s leading telecommunications companies, has signed two Memorandums of Understanding with telecommunications operators in Japan and Hong Kong this week. The companies in question are Japan’s KDDI and Hong Kong’s PCCW, prominent mobile network operators that account for a significant portion of the telecommunication services of their representative regions. Through these agreements, Chunghwa Telecom has plans to accomplish its ambitious vision concerning NFC-powered mobile payments.

New partnerships bring new opportunities to mobile commerce

Chunghwa Telecom has been a strong advocate for mobile payments for some time. The telecommunications company has taken note of the growing prominence of mobile technology and the effect that smartphones and tablets are beginning to have on commerce. Most of the telecommunications company’s efforts have centered on the promotion of NFC technology and its uses in facilitating mobile payments. These efforts have been relatively well received by consumers and Chunghwa Telecom has ambitious plans to expand the services it offers throughout Asia.


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Mobile PaymentsAgreements expand mobile payments services from Chunghwa Telecom

Per the agreements made with KDDI and PCCW, Chunghwa Telecom customers will be able to make use of the company’s NFC-based mobile payments while they are traveling in Japan and Hong Kong. Consumers from these countries will also be able to make use of the company’s mobile payments services while visiting Taiwan.  This is meant to create a more intuitive mobile commerce infrastructure for consumers, allowing them to use their mobile devices for shopping and other such activities when they are abroad.

Company shows commitment to both NFC and QR codes

Chunghwa Telecom is not only interested in NFC technology when it comes to mobile payments. The company also believes that QR codes can be used for the sake of commerce. The company has expressed its commitment to the development of applications and services that leverage both NFC technology and QR codes in the realm of mobile payments.


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