Chocolate Graphics releases the latest in mobile marketing through QR code embossed treats

qr code chocolate

qr code chocolate

Chocolate Graphics, a unique confectioner company that specializes in personalized embossed chocolates, has now released a product that can allow businesses to take advantage of QR code marketing.

The product is a chocolate treat that features a QR code embossed on top, which can be scanned in order to direct mobile device users to app downloads or mobile websites as per the wishes of the customer. This allows the recipient of the chocolates to obtain information and then follow it up with a sweet treat.

The QR code embossed chocolates are available in white chocolate, milk chocolate (semi-sweet 60 percent cocoa), or dark chocolate. It uses a patented process in order to ensure that the barcodes aren’t simply printed onto the treats, but are instead embossed in a sharp, crisp, and clear way that will ensure that scanning is successful and reliable – as well as tasty!

There are two different products available from which to choose: the 2-inch and the 4-inch chocolate squares. Each are ¼ inch thick and come in a variety of different chocolate combinations. These QR code chocolates are individually packed and are delivered to the door of the recipient at locations worldwide, wrapped neatly in clear cellophane wrapping.

According to the president of Chocolate Graphics International USA, Carol Webster, the company has created a product unlike anything else that is currently available in the United States. She added that “Since the product’s debut several months ago, it has been extremely well received and word of mouth orders are already coming in!”

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