Chevrolet Spark EV prototypes feature QR code

Chevrolet QR Code for Electric Car

Chevrolet QR Code for Electric Car

Each of the six new prototypes for the Chevrolet Spark EV, the latest of the manufacturer’s line of electric cars, now features a QR code which has been prominently displayed on its door panels to allow mobile phone users to scan them and learn more about the vehicle.

The vehicles are currently undergoing Southern California road testing, so the displayed QR codes will allow consumers to get a closer look at this vehicle even before it is available for sale. When they do use their smartphones or tablet computer mobile devices to scan the code using a mobile barcode scanning app, they resolve to a non-mobile page which will provide those consumers with regular updates on the progress of the vehicles by Trista Schieffer.

Trista Schieffer is the Chevrolet Spark EV lead development engineer and she will keep providing mobile users with the latest information they need to keep up with this electric vehicle’s path to the dealerships.

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It should be noted that while this effort by Chevrolet is taking advantage of some of the mobile marketing techniques that are experiencing the most rapid growth in popularity, it just missed its opportunity to be first in the auto industry to make this move.

Earlier this year, a QR code was displayed on a new Mercedes A-Class model throughout its own road testing. That barcode redirected users to a dedicated mobile site that was built for that specific purpose.

New California regulations are requiring the automakers that are already selling traditional diesel or gasoline-powered vehicles within the state to also offer a model that is emissions free. The EV will therefore have its initial release in California, but there are no real intentions to spread its availability to the rest of the country.

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