Apple employees banned from ChatGPT use at work

ChatGPT use Ban Apple

The company is joining Samsung, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase and other large corporations in this trend.

Apple has just banned ChatGPT use among its employees while they are at work, in a move that is hardly unique to that technology giant. Other massive corporations including rival Samsung, as well as Goldman Sachs and JPMorgan Chase, and others.

This move bans workers from using any AI-powered chatbots at work and for work-related purposes.

Apple has banned ChatGPT use, as well as that of Bard, Bing, and other artificial intelligence chatbot apps. The reason the company has taken this step is to reduce the risk of accidentally exposing confidential data. That said, Apple is hardly averse to AI technology as a whole, as it has already created plans to develop its own similar in-house tech.

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A recent The Wall Street Journal report stated that Apple had also told its employees not to use Microsoft Copilot, a software that provides software code writing assistance. The new ban has arrived as concerns grow over the way AI chatbots are handling user data. With hundreds of millions of users as a potential combined userbase and with an unclear strategy for employing user data to train AI technology, security and privacy have become a notable point of concern.

ChatGPT use has already been associated with a bug that allowed the chat history of others to be viewed.

Earlier in 2023, a bug was found in the headline-making AI chatbot, in which some users were granted the ability to view the chat history titles of other people. That prompted the chatbot’s developer, OpenAI, to temporarily shut down its service.

On the heels of privacy problems, OpenAI unveiled a new option that allowed users to disable their chat history, stopping the AI model from using their data for training. Still, even after this feature was implemented, Apple and many other companies are not confident enough in the privacy and security of the chatbot to allow their employees to use it while on the job.

Instead, these major corporations have opted to restrict or ban ChatGPT use. Still, like Apple, Samsung is reportedly developing its own artificial intelligence tools, while instructing employees not to share any personal or company information with third party AI-powered chatbots.

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