Charlotte Fire Department adds QR codes for better communication

charity qr codes firefighter

The quick response codes have now been added to the department’s field communication cars.

According to the communication center at the Charlotte Fire Department, there have now been QR codes applied to the field communication cars in order to better be able to connect with people.

The benefit that they are hoping to gain from the quick response codes is in connecting with the citizens.

These QR codes allow people to be able to scan the sides of the vehicles in order to discover more about the communications division as well as its rescue units. These scans can be made using virtually any smartphone or tablet that has a free barcode reader app. This type of use of the barcodes has become quite commonplace in marketing, but the cost effectiveness also makes it appealing for other areas, as well.

The QR codes were selected because they were not expensive to implement but could potentially spread a lot of information.

charity qr codes firefighterIt costs next to nothing to create a QRcode and it is extremely easy technology to apply to printed materials, signage, and vehicles. These barcodes are also seen as attractive in many situations because they are not reliant on one type of mobile operating system in order to function properly. Therefore, the people who scan the Charlotte Fire Department Communications Division QR code will be able to view the results, regardless of whether they have an iPhone, or a smartphone based on Android, Windows, or BlackBerry.

These barcodes are often used to share URLs among mobile device users because it stops people from having to manually enter the site address using a touchscreen keyboard – an experience that many gadget users find to be time consuming and frustrating. The goal is to simplify the process in order to make it appealing and convenient enough for people to access the site, that they will actually do it.

The department that has implemented the QR codes is hoping to share more about itself, such as the fact that it isn’t only responsible for answering the emergency calls that come in through its 9-1-1 center. They must also offer communications support in the field, regardless of where the emergency responders may be or the size of the type of accident, disaster or catastrophe they are facing.

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