Cellit identifies QSR mobile marketing campaign best practices

Mobile Marketing Report

Mobile Marketing Report

Leading mobile customer relationship management (CRM) systems provider, Cellit, which specializes in solutions for retailers, restaurants, and other businesses, has announced the results of a year-long analysis of nearly 9,000 mobile marketing campaigns, which was commissioned in 2001 by 125 quick service restaurant (QSR) clients.

Cellit performed an analysis of client data to generate a range of data-driven conclusions and metrics that will assist QSRs in developing the best methods for success in mobile marketing. These were created to address the full mobile marketing lifecycle, which includes the most effective forms of content for a mobile program for QSRs, the best ways to generate subscriptions for mobile text campaigns, and the timing of the campaigns themselves.

Some of Cellit’s findings included the following:

• Most effective forms of mobile promotion content – the content is what will keep a subscriber engaged over time, instead of simply for a brief passing moment. In order to perform its analysis, Cellit examined content with and without discount coupons. These discounts are highly popular and all of the surveyed clients had used this technique at least one time. Respondents who received coupons stated that they liked offers for buy-one-get-one free more than receiving a percentage discount or an offer for a free item with a lower value.

• The best ways to generate subscriptions – the QSRs who took part had used a number of different techniques to try to bring in new mobile subscribers. Though they may be diverse, they are also typically quite cost-effective. They could generally be described as one of the four following types: social media, advertising, on-premise, and refer-a-friend. The most effective method was using the database of email and social media to convert customers to mobile. The most consistent program growth was generated by refer-a-friend.

• Campaign timing – according to Cellit’s findings, weekdays are the most effective for text messages. On weekdays, the average subscription rate was 7.67 per QSR, while the weekend average was 5.12.

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