Castrol brings their new motor oil to life with augmented reality

Castrol Augmented Reality Campaign

Castrol Augmented Reality Campaign
Augmented reality technology will be a part of a new marketing campaign coming from Castrol, the world’s leading provider of engine lubricant. The campaign will be focused around promoting the new Castrol Magnatec product, which offers engine protection by implementing a system of complex Intelligent Molecules that stick to an engine’s components, hence its name. Castrol is the first motor oil company to make use of AR, but if the campaign is successful, they are unlikely to be the last.

Initially, Castrol will be implementing AR in their nationwide roadshow, which showcases the capabilities of their new product. Castrol promises that the experience will be interactive. Visitors to the roadshow will be able to take part in an augmented reality game, through which they must take on the role of the new motor oil and protect an engine from a large monster.

Mark Ng, marketing director for Castrol’s Malaysia and Singapore outfits, says that the campaign seeks to provide an education on engine protection in a fun and engaging way. According to Ng, most drivers do not realize that most of the wear on a car’s engine comes during its start and warm up phase. Castrol’s new lubricant sticks to the engine’s vital parts, whereas other oils accumulate at the bottom of the engine as it cools.

AR is becoming a very popular tool amongst businesses looking to engage the new generation of technology minded consumer. Castrol is hoping to expand its use of AR in the future, pending the results of their latest campaign.

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