Candy Lab aims to make marketing more robust with augmented reality

Augmented Reality app


Candy Lab attempts to tackle interactive marketing issues

Augmented reality is all the rage these days. Consumers are taking to augmented reality like a seal to water, which has created a promising opportunity for advertisers looking to connect with these tech-savvy individuals. Though advertisers are well aware of the marketing potential of augmented reality, few have found a way to engage consumers in an effective manner that is not considered intrusive. An augmented reality startup called Candy Lab may have the answer to this problem.

Cachetown app turns advertisements into games

Candy Lab has developed a lightweight mobile application that uses augmented reality to turn virtually anything in the real world into a game. The application is called Cachetown and the company bills it as a sort of Google Adwords crossed with gaming and location-based social networking platform. The concept is simple in that it revolves around making advertisements a more integrated aspect of the mobile world. If effective, Cachetown could blend advertisements seamlessly into digital content in a way that consumers will find enjoyable.

Cachetown may introduce new advertising technique

Candy Labs believes that the application is perfectly suited for events and location-based activities. Cachetown may be able to provide a higher level of interactive marketing that is all but absent from modern advertising initiatives. If advertisers can figure out how to make their marketing schemes into games using Cachetown, the benefits they see could further solidify augmented reality’s position in the marketing industry.

Augmented reality continues to play larger role in advertising

Augmented reality has been used in marketing in the past, but it has received mixed reviews from consumers. Some see the technology as a major step forward in terms of interaction and engagement, while others consider augmented reality to be nothing more than novelty. Candy Lab believes that augmented reality could help change the marketing industry as a whole. The industry may be due for this sort of change, especially as consumers become more reliant on their mobile devices.

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