Can wearable devices replace smartphones and tablets in mobile commerce?

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Wearable devices show some promise

Wearable devices are beginning to generate a lot of hype. From augmented reality glasses to smartwatches, these devices are beginning to become more common throughout the world. This is beginning to highlight an important question: Will wearable devices eventually replace smartphones and tablets when it comes to mobile commerce? The question is a complicated one considering the nature of mobile commerce itself. People throughout the world are still working on becoming comfortable with making payments from smartphones and tablets and they may not yet be ready to make payments from devices they can wear on their heads and wrists.

When it comes to mobile commerce, convenience is important. Devices like Google Glass highlight convenience by creating a hands-free experience. The augmented reality glasses can be used for a wide range of purposes, most of which have to do with social networking, but they could also have a future in the mobile payments space. The first native Glass payments application is already ready to come to the market. The application would serve as a form of digital wallet, storing financial information as well as digital coupons and other such data. Because Glass would not be affiliated with a company in the same way smartphones and tablets are, innovation in mobile payments applications may be more easily obtainable.

Smartwatches may be able to make payments more convenient

smart watch iwatch wearable devicesApart from Glass, smartwatches are becoming more popular. These are very simple devices that can be worn on the wrist. Many smartwatches have very limited functionality, used primarily to keep in touch with the digital world through messaging applications and notifications. As these devices become more advanced, however, they may be able to support their own mobile commerce applications. Using a wrist-mounted device to make a purchase may be considerably more convenient for consumers than using a pair of high-tech glasses or a traditional smartphone. Currently, however, smartwatches and similar devices are still quite limited in terms of hardware.

Wearable devices have a great deal of hype behind them, but hype does not always translate into success. Smartphones and tablets have already established a strong presence in the mobile commerce field. Their most attractive feature is the fact that they allow for mobile shopping in a relatively easy way. Smartwatches would not be able to allow users to browse e-commerce sites with ease and this could also be somewhat difficult to achieve through a pair of augmented reality glasses.

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