Can augmented reality reincarnate the marketing biz?

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When mobile technology meets software applications like augmented reality (AR), there is no end to the possibilities. AR applications are helping several businesses go mobile and interact with consumers. One business that would like to have this application is the real estate industry.

Companies overseas like France and Japan, are overflowing with apps and experimental apps, for anything you can think of. Companies are started just to monitor these app uses or note customer feedback. One such company is called Mobile Art Lab.

Mobile Art Lab plans and creates visual methods of producing content that is more interesting to watch on a mobile device. They implement the content and try to get it to spread. They say it is a Mobile Study Site; hoping to introduce the most advanced mobile arts on a global scale, not just domestically.

This company, Mobile Art Lab created an experiment in Japan last year, consisting of the iPhone, an augmented reality app, motion sensors and the phone’s GPS function. The augmented reality app enables the phone to show the iButterfly app. Swarms of different butterflies will appear.

By swiping the phone like a net you can catch some of the iButterflies; the captured butterfly holds coupons or information. A user will try to catch as many different types as possible to gain rank and status. Friends can even share the butterflies through Bluetooth.

Realtors would like to see mobile technology expanded to use those same features to build mobile programs for the real estate industry. Imagine how far this sector could go if we could enable consumers to use their Smartphone’s to interact with homes for sale; they could take virtual tours or see different landscaping or remodeling options. People could actually take a home tour on their lunch break.

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