Campden Publishing launches new division that will make use of augmented reality

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Campden Publishing Limited, a publishing firm specializing in the financial and health care markets, has launched its new medical and educational communications division. The new division will be part of the Campden Health Communications group, which specializes in a wide variety of printed media that focuses on issues regarding health care. Campden Publishing has also unveiled plans to make use of augmented reality with the new division, hoping that the technology will bring more value to print media.

The publisher will be embedding augmented reality experiences in several of their magazines. The company has partnered with Autonomy, a leading augmented reality development firm and makers of the popular Aurasma platform, to make all this possible. The publisher expects the technology to add a new dimension to their publications, allowing the publisher to engage readers in a new way.

Though Campden Publishing claims to be the first publisher to make use of the technology, several other publishers, such as Random House, and news publications, such as the New York Times, have already begun making use of augmented reality. Nonetheless, the company hopes that the technology will be a big hit with tech-savvy readers that have been looking for a reason to pick up printed media again. Indeed, print may become a more competitive form of media in the future, with the help of a technology that was expected to make print obsolete.

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