Businesses without mobile sites are facing a major challenge

Google I/O mobile sites

Mobile sites are becoming mandatory to rank high on Google’s search engine

The lack of mobile websites could lead to a significant business loss for many companies. Google has made changes to its search algorithm in order to better rank websites that are mobile friendly. If websites do not meet Google’s new standards, they will be ranked lower in searches. Google is attempting to place greater focus on the mobile space, largely due to the growing population of mobile consumers throughout the world.

44% of large companies do not comply with Google’s standards concerning mobile sites

An estimated 44% of Fortune 500 companies have failed to meet Google’s mobile-friendly standards. This means that their websites are not designed to accommodate those browsing the Internet on mobile devices. Conventional websites lack functionality when they are viewed from a smartphone, which creates poor experience for mobile consumers. As a result, these companies will receive lower search rankings and they could see a loss in business.

Mobile commerce is becoming more important for businesses

According to a recent report from ABI Research, an estimated 24.4% of all e-commerce revenue will come from mobile commerce by 2017. Another report from ComScore noted that mobile commerce spending rose by 47% in 2014. Companies that fail to have mobile friendly websites could be losing out on serious business opportunities. The mobile audience is becoming quite large, and ostracizing these consumers may be a major business blunder that even large companies struggle to recover from.

Companies without mobile sites are being downgraded on Google

Google I/O mobile sitesGoogle will be downgrading websites that it does not consider to be “mobile ready.” For small businesses, this could be a serious problem, as lower rankings in search engine could have a significant impact on their traffic. Small companies may not have access to the resources they need to make mobile websites, as the development of such a website is somewhat expensive. Regardless of this, mobile websites are becoming more important in the business world, where mobile consumers hold a considerable amount of influence.

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