Boise State University embraces mobile commerce

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots mobile commerce

Mobile Payments in Parking Lots mobile commerceMobile commerce initiative launched by Boise State

The Boise State University has become the first in Idaho to facilitate pay-by-phone parking services. The university has only a modest interest in the field of mobile commerce, but believes that students would be better served by integrating a mobile commerce service into parking. The initiative is based on the use of the Parkmobile application, which is designed specifically as a mobile payment parking solution. The application is available to iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Blackberry, but the initiative from Boise State University involves the use of NFC technology, which may be somewhat problematic for iOS users.

Initiative leverages the Parkmobile application

Boise State is among the first universities in the U.S. to begin using NFC technology for parking. The university has affixed NFC tags to parking meters and signs at public-access garages. These NFC tags provide instant access to the Parkmobile application, allowing students and others to make mobile payments. NFC technology is most common among Android devices, but is also available in a select few Windows Phone and Blackberry devices. iOS devices, however, do not support NFC technology due to the security concerns Apple has regarding NFC and its use in mobile commerce.

Parkmobile offers various methods to participate in mobile commerce

The Parkmobile application itself is not entirely reliant on NFC technology. The application can facilitate mobile payments directly through an Internet connection, but it can also scan QR codes for the same purpose. The application supports NFC technology, but for those with devices that are not NFC-enabled, a toll-free number is available to provide users yet another way to pay for parking. While Boise State has invested in NFC tags for its initiative, the university also offers information concerning the various ways mobile payments can be made using the Parkmobile application.

Universities begin showing mor einterest in mobile commerce

Mobile commerce is growing most within the field of retail, but universities around the U.S. are beginning to warm to the notion of students paying for products and services using their mobile devices. This is largely due to the amount of students that make use of their mobile devices on a daily basis. Boise State University is working to become more accommodating to the needs of these students by offering them more convenient services based on mobile technology.

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