Bodaty launches its Samyata app suite to make mobile shopping even better

Samyata App - Women with shopping bags

Bodaty wants to help shoppers purchase what they want on mobile and get it within the hour.

Bodaty has announced the launch of Samyata app, a retail ecosystem designed to help shoppers purchase what they want from local stores and either pick up their purchases or have them delivered to them via personal shoppers.

Bodaty is attempting to create an on-demand version of an omnichannel marketplace.

The company, which seeks to apply cutting-edge technology to improve everyday life, has created a three-part ecosystem to Samyata app in order to connect mobile shoppers directly to products at local stores. The suite includes three apps: Samyata, Gananam and Vahaka.

Samyata is for searching and buying products. Gananam is for sourcing them from local stores. Vahaka is to pick up purchases or have them delivered through personal shoppers.

The three parts of the Samyata ecosystem are integrated to provide a geographically specific buying and selling experience. More specifically, stores can list their inventories on Samyata Store, which gives these stores access to an online-mobile marketplace. Shoppers, on the other hand, can use the store to search what these stores are selling and buy their goods.

The Samyata app also lets those who deliver purchases earn money.

Using the Samyata app, shoppers can search for what they want to purchase, which they find in nearby stores and can make purchases no matter where they are through the app. The retail ecosystem gives them the freedom to shop in one place without having to search through multiple stores or wait for e-commerce delivery.

If shoppers choose to have their purchase delivered, the personal shopper can make money. The Samyata Personal Shopper app lets people earn money by delivering purchases to shoppers local to them, which can be quite the lucrative economy job.

“People can now shop on their phone for exactly what they want, wherever they are and get it within the hour,” says Srirajasekhar “Bobby” Koritala, CEO & Founder of Bodaty in a press release.

“Fusing online and physical shopping, Samyata will help stores make more money and save the American Main Street, which is why we want stores of all sizes to come sell with us,” Koritala added.

Samyata App - Women with shopping bagsThe full app suite, including Samaya app, Gananam app and Vahaka app are all available in the App Store and Google Play.

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