Blippar to update its augmented reality app with new real time features

Blippar augmented reality Mobile App

The next generation of the application will be much easier to use and will offer greater practicality.

At the TechCrunch Disrupt London 2015, the co-founder and CEO of Blippar, Ambarish Mitra, demonstrated the next generation of the company’s popular augmented reality app, with improved object identification and enhanced features.

The mobile app will soon be able to offer users much faster and easier real time options through smartphones and tablets.

The new version of the Blippar augmented reality app is to launch in late December and the goal is to turn it into a new form of visual browser. The primary challenge that is faced by this type of application is in ensuring that they will work every time they are used. At the event, Mitra pointed out that this is exactly the type of reason that Google has become as popular as it is: it works very well pretty much every time it’s used. Blippar wants to offer that same level of reliability and simplicity of use.

At the moment, the augmented reality app allows users to snap a picture of a product to learn more about it.

Blippar augmented reality Mobile AppWhen the app is opened and a user takes a picture of an item, he or she is automatically provided with information such as the item’s price, where else it can be purchased nearby and its nutrition content (assuming it’s food). That said, in the update for the app, the process will become even easier. The mobile application will allow the user to simply point the device camera at any of a broad number of different items and it will automatically detect and identify those items in real time.

During the demo at the TechCrunch event, Mitra used the new version of the Blippar app to identify several things including various kinds of flowers, several types of fruit and even a kitten. Mitra explained that he feels the branding from his company will help to differentiate the app from others that are attempting to develop visual browsers.

Blippar currently produces one augmented reality product. The mobile app is its singular purpose and it does not create products for other companies.

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