BlackBerry to acquire mobile security firm

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The business services boosting purchase of Good Technology is going to be for $425 million.

BlackBerry is going to be buying the mobile security firm called Good Technology for a total of $425 million in cash, in order to considerably enhance its business related services at the same time that the smartphone hardware market share remains flat.

The goal of this acquisition is to appeal to a larger number of business customers through improved security.

Good Technology is a California- based company that provides mobile security for apps, email, and communications services for government agencies and large companies and corporations. Previous to this acquisition, BlackBerry and Good Technology have found themselves in direct competition with each other on a number of different times in the area of secure mobile communications. Therefore, by way of this acquisition, BlackBerry has not only eliminated a considerable competitor, but it has also managed to secure its position as a leader in the safe workplace communication and email delivery sector.

This mobile security acquisition is also a reflection of the moves the company is making toward services.

Blackberry technology news mobile security BES12 mobile securityBlackBerry has been taking some considerable steps into business focused services and may be taking some of its attention off the hardware component of the company. This strategy has been growing in its implementation after a rising number of smartphone using consumers – and even some corporate customers – moved away from BlackBerry in favor of devices running on Android, and iOS.

With an ownership of Good Technology, BlackBerry will also take in a broader list of government and enterprise customers. Currently, it is selling its services and product lineup to over 6,200 different organizations, including more than half of the businesses on the Fortune 100. Those include all of the aerospace, defense, and banks that are on the Fortune 100, in addition to companies in the healthcare, retail, and manufacturing industries.

This should also make it possible for BlackBerry to offer a platform with greater mobile security for apps on any operating system through virtually any smartphone, tablet, or other device. Good Technology has already accumulated considerable experience in the management of devices using iOS, Android, and even Windows.

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