BlackBerry has been called a “Leader” in enterprise mobile management

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Forrester Research has recently given this title to the company from among 14 other top vendors.

The respected firm, Forrester Research, Inc., has recently given BlackBerry a considerable amount of applause by calling it a “Leader” in Enterprise Mobility Management after having evaluated that and 14 other leading vendors within that industry.

It was the Canadian device maker that came out on top with the highest score within the Strategy and Global Presence categories.

In Market Presence, BlackBerry tied with another company. That category examined install base, revenue, and partners. Among the 27 different criteria that are typically taken into account by Forrester Research, the company received the highest scores in 12 of them. Those included Future Vision, Network Security, and Support. According to the company’s Global Enterprise Services president, John Sims, “Security is our cornerstone.” He also went on to say that the company “remains laser focused on developing and delivering the solutions enterprises around the globe have come to expect from us.”

BlackBerry recently released their latest smartphone, the Passport device that sold out within hours of first availability.

blackberry technology newsSims also explained that their mobile solutions are currently being used by enterprises and government agencies around the world as a result of decades of trust building with their customers. He pointed out that with the current offerings, as well as those that will arrive in the future, they will be leveraging their “experience in security to create solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers, from cross-platform support for BYOD programs to the management of Internet of Things.”

In a recent report issued by BlackBerry, the mobile device maker, it quoted Forrester research in their statement with regarding to ongoing investments that are being made in apps designed for collaboration. Moreover, the company was also recognized for their “strong vision” which has kept the effective management Internet of Things in mind. This was among the reasons that the organization was labeled by Forrester as a Leader in this area. At the moment, it has been called the dominant company in mobile device management (MDM) leadership and it is reporting that it has a larger number of customers than the combined total of its top three rivals.

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