Big wine contest promoted with QR Codes

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QR Code Contest R.Stuart and Co. Wine

Oregon based winery, R. Stuart & Co., have launched their latest campaign that is making use of QR codes on their recently release Big Fire Pinot Gris wine. The codes, when scanned using a smart phone, will invite consumers to participate in the company’s “Me and My Big Fire” contest on YouTube. The contest was developed by Maria Stuart, co-owner of the winery, alongside marketing firm LynkSnap.

The contest is calling for fans of the Big Fire wine brand to submit videos about their experiences with the wine. A sample video is available through the company’s website, which can be downloaded via its own QR code, and features a man running down a beach with a bottle of wine being chased by an apparently angry mob.

Winners are to be selected on a weekly basis. Their prize will be in the form of a T-shirt with a QR code on the front. The code links to their video on the winery’s YouTube channel.

According to Stuart, the campaign will have a higher presence in New York, California and Texas as these states have the highest per capita smart phone use in the nation. A massive number of businesses in these states, both big and small, have used the codes and Stuart hopes to see favorable results as residents are likely to be more familiar with the QR codes.

The winery has already been using QR codes extensively on their website and a number of other campaigns. They are planning to associate codes with the release of their 2009 Big Fire Pinot Noir later this year.

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