BI WORLDWIDE makes use of Hipcricket’s mobile marketing platform

QR Code marketing campaign

QR Code marketing campaign

BI WORLDWIDE promotes Verizon FiOS network with QR codes

Hipcricket, a mobile marketing company, has announced that BI WORLDWIDE, another marketing firm, will be using its mobile marketing solutions to enhance BI WORDLWIDE’s promotion of Verizon’s FiOS Internet service. The campaign will last four weeks and cover three locations in Southern California. QR codes will play a large role in the campaign, as BI WORLDWIDE will be using them to entice consumers with special offers and discounts provided by Verizon. The QR codes can be found at several locations throughout the campaign.

AD LIFE platform used for four-week campaign

Hipcricket was chosen because of its measurement and analytic capabilities. The company’s mobile marketing platform, called AD LIFE, can provide real-time information regarding the performance of QR codes. This information could be invaluable for companies as it will give them a more intimate understanding of how consumers are responding to mobile marketing. Companies using the platform are also able to make changes to their mobile marketing campaigns in order to make them more effective.

QR codes will provide consumers with information and access to discounts

BI WORLDWIDE will make use of 12 different QR codes that will promote Verizon FiOS services. When scanned with a smart phone or other mobile device, the codes resolve to Verizon’s “A Network Ahead” mobile website. Here, consumers can find more information on the company’s FiOS network and learn the differences between fiber optic connections and conventional Internet services. Scanning the codes will also give consumers a chance to register to win a daily prize. These prices range from discount for Verizon services to cash rewards and everything in between.

Mobile marketing becoming a powerful trend as more people get their hands on mobile devices

Hipcricket is well versed in the world of mobile marketing and believes that QR codes are a powerful way for companies to reach out to consumers. The number of consumers making use of smart phones and mobile devices is growing, presenting companies with a unique opportunity in terms of marketing. BI WORLDWIDE expects that the QR codes used in the campaign will be met with success and may have plans to use the codes in future promotions.

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