Best Pokemon Go battery drain beating tips

pokemon go battery drain

Nintendo has said that it’s working to fix the draining nature of the game, but until then, you have options.

Believe it or not, despite the Pokemon Go battery drain, you can play as long as you want without running out of juice. A key is to be able to use the right tips and tricks to keep your smartphone charged throughout your waking hours.

The Pokemon Go app has clearly taken the world to a mobile gaming level it has never before experienced.

That said, while this augmented reality game is highly addictive and is lots of fun, many people can’t play as long as they want. The Pokemon Go battery drain effect is forcing people to have to stop playing even when they want to be able to keep going. They want to keep catching new monsters, training them, having gym battles and even enjoying the great outdoors because they’re forced to walk to find new Pokemon.

Fortunately, a mobile gadget accessories company has come up with a way to beat the Pokemon Go battery drain.

pokemon go battery drainMogix Accessories has developed a list of tips and tricks. These let players keep up their mobile gaming for as long as they want without ever having to stop. This involves a combination of the right knowledge of the game options, on top of the use of an inexpensive mobile gadget.

CNET released the results of a test that showed that using the game for 30 minutes took down battery life by an average of 15 percent. To anyone who uses mobile apps on a regular basis, it’s very obvious that Pokemon Go is a power pig. For those of us who don’t want to wait for Niantic – Nintendo’s app developer – to come up with a solution, here are some great ways Mogix Accessories has identified for getting endless life out of your game play:

• Turn on the app’s power saving option (within the settings icon).
• Activate your operating system’s power saving option (both iOS and Android have one).
• Shut off the game’s audio/volume.
• Use only GPS, so turn off your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, which are power pigs unto themselves.
• Download an app that will extend battery life even more. JuiceDefender is a top option on Android and Battery Doctor is hugely popular on iOS.
• Purchase a light, slim-fit battery pack with a huge capacity but low price. The Mogix external battery chargers have two options, the huge capacity 10,400 mAh. Alternately, there is also the smaller and yet still powerful 5,000 mAh. In this way, no matter the Pokemon Go battery drain, you’ll always have the ability to recharge, even while you’re on the go and playing.

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