Barclaycard sponsors the NFC Forum in an effort to promote NFC technology and mobile payments.

NFC Technology

NFC Future
Mobile commerce is quickly becoming a force to be reckoned with in the business world. Powered by NFC technology, the industry has been experiencing a great deal of growth around the world as consumers begin to become more comfortable with the idea that their smart phones can double as a debit or credit card. As interest in the budding industry grows, so too does the need to understand its intricacies. To this end, Barclaycard, a leading global payments company, has joined a team of sponsors backing the NFC Forum, a non-profit association focused on promote NFC technology and the standards governing its use.

The NFC Forum, first established in 2004 on the heels of the debut of NFC technology, has been responsible for many of the standards and practices guiding the implementation of the technology. The association has been growing more popular in recent years due to the emergence of mobile commerce, which relies heavily on NFC-enabled smart phones. A number of financial institutes have joined the association in an attempt to understand and promote the technology.

Barclaycard is one of the latest companies to join the association as a sponsor. The company has high hopes for NFC technology, noting that it may trigger a financial revolution that changes the way consumers interact with the world’s businesses. The ultimate success of the mobile commerce industry may lie in the hands of consumers, but the NFC Forum ensures that NFC technology reaches the hands of those consumers.

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