Bacardi social media marketing strategy adds Facebook immersive mobile ads

Facebook mobile social media marketing

This effort is mean to help the brand’s messages to be delivered on a quality global level.

Bacardi has now become the first among brands of alcohol to implement a social media marketing strategy that includes the new mobile ad format from Facebook called Immersive Canvas.

This is meant to enhance the quality of Bacardi’s creative when it comes to the mobile sphere.

Now, Bacardi is hopeful that this new component to its social media marketing – which will make it possible to use an experience somewhat like a microsite without ever requiring users to have to leave Facebook – will make it possible to provide more engaging content, when taking into consideration that the creative must be designed specifically for that precise mobile ad format. The claim made by Facebook about the Immersive Canvas service is that it will make it possible for marketing firms to design native speed experiences that are relevant and captivating.

This addition to the social media marketing strategy is meant to help the brand reach the millennial audience.

Facebook mobile social media marketing This new mobile marketing component is a part of a larger campaign that has been launched by the brand. It started on October 12 and has been aiming directly at the millennial demographic as Bacardi works to alter the way it markets its own brand. The intention is to step away from the outline of its lengthy history in favor of a statement that is geared toward cultural relevance.

The latest campaign that has been launched is themed as a party that is located on the back of a truck. As the truck keeps driving, it continues to pick up more people.

According to the global lead for Bacardi rum chief and the marketing officer for North America, Mauricio Vergara, the Facebook social media marketing campaign is going to target a number of different passion points among the millennial generation. These will include arts, music and sports in order to create an approach that has been designed for both relevancy and a dynamic nature for consumers. Through this channel, the hope is that it will encourage a great deal more interaction with the brand than is possible over television commercials, said Vergara.

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