B2B marketers may find significant benefit with QR codes

QR Codes Business Cards

QR Code Business Cards
B2B marketers are beginning to learn that the rules that have been discovered about social and mobile media techniques – such as the fact that they must continue to be properly adapted to their target market – can also be applied with QR codes.

For that reason, experts have been coming up with various ways in which QR codes can be used for B2B marketing purposes. These uses range from everything from business cards to social media.

It also involves all of the hand-out materials at trade shows. Everything from the marketing literature to display panels should feature a QR code so that prospects can conveniently and easily access information and become prepared for a conversation with the representative at the booth. This also helps the prevent the loss of contact information so that it can be brought up again the next day.

Equally, these codes should also be placed on social media pages such as those at Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Experts are also suggesting that QR codes may have a much better response from B2B than from consumers. Though this technology is growing in its popularity, the public still hasn’t seemed to grab onto it.

A Chadwick Martin Bailey survey showed that a tremendous 57 percent of the individuals who had actually scanned a QR code did absolutely nothing with the information they obtained. Fewer than one in four (21 percent) shared the information they obtained with someone else, and fewer than one in five (18 percent) used that information to make a purchase.

On the other hand, that same survey discovered that 70 percent of consumers found the technology easy to use, which if critical to a successful B2B application.

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