Autonomy to incorporate augmented reality with all of HP’s products

Mobile Commerce Industry

Mobile Commerce Industry
Autonomy, a prestigious augmented reality development company, has announced plans to integrate augmented reality technology throughout the breadth of Hewlett-Packard’s new products. HP has begun showing interest in the technology and believes that it can be used to add value to improve customer experience. Autonomy is well known in the field of augmented reality for their uses of the technology in terms of data search and analysis. In October of this year, HP purchased Autonomy for over $9 billion.

AR technology from Autonomy is expected to come to HP’s line of printers within the next few months. The technology will eventually find its way to the other products offered by the company, finally culminating in personal computers. Consumers can expect to see augmented reality displays attached to their new purchases, all of which will be fully interactive and will help streamline daily processes, such as the printing of documents.

HP has plans to incorporate the technology into their public cloud-computing system. This will make Autonomy’s augmented reality developments available to a diverse audience, a perfect opportunity for Autonomy to examine just how interested consumers are in augmented reality. Autonomy will collect data from the cloud and present analysis on how cloud users are using the technology to HP.

HP’s new CEO, Meg Whitman, is acutely interested in augmented reality and may be working to steer the company toward adopting more of the technology in the future.

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