Auto industry looks to mobile marketing to expand its potential

Mobile Commerce Auto Industry

Mobile Commerce Auto Industry
Following a recent Jumptap study, which indicated that the mobile site viewership is increasing significantly faster than that of conventional online websites, the auto industry is changing its marketing direction to place a more notable focus on the development of mobile sites and other marketing techniques.

Consumers have shown that the convenience of being able to access the internet from their mobile device is highly appealing, and are increasingly using their smartphones and tablets to obtain information about products and services they are considering, before they make their final purchase. This is especially true among larger items, such as vehicles.

The Jumptap study showed that mobile automobile site viewership is growing much more quickly than the viewership of sites via desktops and laptop computers. While there has been a spike of 463 percent in mobile automobile site viewership since 2010 – according to Jumptap – there has been a growth of only 30 percent in traditional website traffic.

Though the data collected by this study was focused specifically on website traffic for the auto industry, analysts are relatively confident that these statistics reflect the use of smartphones across many different marketplaces. The banking, retail, and travel industries, as well as many others, are taking this information to heart and are beginning to open their eyes to the importance of mobile marketing.

The information that is readily available to consumers allows them to instantly comparison shop, find reviews, and learn details and specs about a product or service before they make a purchase. The ease of this process is encouraging them to do so no matter what they wish to buy.

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