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AuthenTec unveils new mobile security with smart fingerprint technology

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Mobile Security

The company has launched a new sensor designed specifically for smartphone and tablet apps.

Provider of network and mobile security products and solutions, AuthenTec, has announced the release of its new smart fingerprint sensor that is designed specifically for apps that are meant for m-commerce purposes.

The product is called the AES2750, and uses existing designs for smart sensors, which include a broad sensor array that is 192 pixels by 8 pixels, in addition to new features that include AES, RSA, and SHA encryption blocks, hybrid fingerprint matching (on sensor match + host match), as well as the generation of One Time Password (OTP).

The package design of AES2750 is also new, with a Y-dimension that is quite narrow, but with edges that are rounded so that it can be mounted within narrow spaces, within the smartphone or tablet edges, or even on touch screen-enabled mobile devices that are accessed via through-hole glass mounting.

The new package design decreases the costs associated with BOM (bill of material) for the sensor integration by tablet and handset OEMs.

The new mobile security AES2750 product features also include on-chip fingerprint confirmation and matching, hybrid fingerprint, and enrolled fingerprint template encryption, as well as the encryption of credentials and personal data, and a system interface with encrypted SPI.

The AES2750 sensor is encrypted to make sure that all individual data and credentials, and the fingerprint matching templates, are kept safe. The technology has also already been optimized in order to prepare for use in smartphones with NFC technology, allowing it to work directly with payment applications within the secure structure, as well as allow the NFC chip to continue to positively authenticate the user.

The vice president f smart sensor solutions at AuthenTec, Art Stewart, explained that “AuthenTec’s AES2750 provides the broadest array of integrated security features we’ve ever offered in a smart fingerprint sensor for mobile devices.” He added that this solution is a perfect fit with smartphones that are equipped for NFC mobile commerce, and is also already compatible with the Secure Element and NFC subsystems that allow a transaction to occur reliably and safely.

At the same time, it should still being as simple to use and convenient as pattern-based or PIN/password based technology, only with greater mobile security.


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