Australian mobile commerce is taking off among consumers standing inside stores

Australian Mobile commerce Trends

New research results from PayPal show that Aussies head to shops to make purchases on their phones.

Australian mobile commerce has been taking off in a rather interesting way, says recent PayPal data released by the company. The research revealed a nearly 50 percent increase in the number of Australians purchasing products and services by way of their mobile devices.

Mobile shoppers are using their devices to buy something at least once per week in that country.

The PayPal data revealed one in four people prefer the Australian mobile commerce experience in which they shop on their smartphones, to virtually any other device-based shopping. Many of those consumers are shopping while they’re standing in brick and mortar stores.

While this did show considerable opportunity over this channel, the PayPal mCommerce Index also indicated that businesses and brands in the country aren’t keeping up with the spike in m-commerce popularity. Only about half of Australian businesses are mobile payment compatible, for example. This suggested that many companies are missing out on some significant opportunities.

Australian mobile commerce is particularly important to younger shoppers, who are among the most difficult to please.

Australian Mobile commerce TrendsThe PayPal research indicated that younger shoppers are frequently willing to bail out on an online purchase if they find that an app or website takes too long to load.

Libby Roy, managing director of PayPal Australia, explained that the second annual PayPal mCommerce Index revealed that Australian consumers are increasingly using their smartphones for purchasing and paying for product purchases. Though these transactions have remained rather small in size, a growing number are raising their confidence levels to the point that they are using their gadgets to make larger purchases, too.

Roy also pointed out that the frequency of Australian mobile commerce has seen a striking growth. “In 2016, smartphone users told us 36 per cent were buying once a week or more and this year that’s up to 48 per cent, so nearly half are participating in m-commerce once a week or more,” she said. The categories seeing the most rapid growth include, clothing, groceries, health and beauty, and travel.

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