Aurasma and Bandai partner to bring augmented reality to toy packaging

Augmented Reality Video6

Aurasma, a world leading augmented reality developer, has partnered with Bandai, a leading toy manufacturer, to create more engaging packaging for a number of popular toy lines. Each package will contain its own augmented reality experience specific to the toy that it holds. The digital content can be accessed by smart phones equipped with the Aurasma mobile augmented reality browser, which uses the mobile device’s camera to recognize the content. Aurasma believes that this new approach will be a bit hit with kids as it takes the toys out of the package and allows them to look and play with it in a digital setting.

The toy indsurty is beginning to see the merits in augmented reality. The technology will allow kids and their parents to see how the toys move once they are out of the package. It will also give children the chance to experience the toys before they take them home. The digital content can be somewhat misleading, however, as the actual toys will not do what their virtual counterparts do, such as unassisted flips and interacting with props on their own.

Bandai believes that technology will make toys more engaging for the younger generation, especially as this generation is likely to grow up steeped in high-tech gadgetry. Aurasma expects that this will be the first in a number of partnerships with toy companies to make packaging more engaging for consumers.

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