Walmart adds augmented reality shopping features into its app

Augmented Reality - Image of Walmart site

After a considerable testing period, the retail giant has announced that the AR feature will roll out.

This week, Walmart announced that it will start rolling out two new app features that use augmented reality technology.

The two features are meant to help make it easier for consumers to make informed shopping choices.

The first app update is slated for implementation in July for iOS devices. It will make it possible for customers to view the way furniture and home décor items will look in their own rooms. The augmented feature called “view your space” lets shoppers use the mobile commerce app to look at the way various products will look in any space they want. At first, it will start with 300 specific products, though that will expand over the summer to include back-to-school items as well.

Augmented Reality - App - Furniture

App users will have the opportunity to snap pictures of the way an item looks in any space they want, to make it easier to make purchasing decisions. Moreover, the augmented reality feature will also offer users haptic feedback vibrations when they attempt to place the item beyond a space’s boundaries.

The second augmented reality feature is meant for in-store use and is still under development.

The second feature will make it possible for both associates and customers to aim their phone cameras at store shelves to filter out the products that don’t meet their personal preferences to be able to better see the items that meet their criteria. This will allow shoppers and associates to more quickly find precisely what they want from among the many options on the store’s shelves.

For instance, if a shopper is hoping to be able to identify the products on a shelf to which rollbacks apply, then they will be able to choose the filter that corresponds to that option in the mobile app. It will allow the customer to immediately see precisely which ones they are looking for, including which ones have had their prices rolled back so that the deals become instantly obvious.

It is not yet clear precisely when the second augmented reality feature will be rolled out for broader use.

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