Augmented reality transforms Angry Birds

Augmented Reality Video

PendAR working to pioneer augmented reality gaming

Augmented reality games are becoming a craze as more developers show interest in the technology. These interactive games are not being pioneered by giant developers like Sony or Microsoft, however, small developers, sometimes comprised of a single person, are leading the charge in augmented reality games. PendAR is one such developer. The company, which specializes in augmented reality, has brought the technology to one of the world’s most popular mobile games: Angry Birds.

Angry Birds gets a 3D upgrade

Angry Birds has provided gamers of all ages with several hours of entertainment and has solidified itself as one of the most successful mobile games of all time. Throughout the years, Angry Birds has seen several thematic changes which provide gamers with new experiences. PendAR has introduced a change to the game that brings a new level of depth and engagement, allowing gamers to experience Angry Birds and a fully three dimensional environment.

Markerless augmented reality used for Angry Birds game

Using augmented reality PendAR has developed a version of Angry Birds that is both 3D and able to be played just about anywhere. The game is superimposed on the physical environment thanks to augmented reality technology, which uses the camera of a smart phone or tablet to determine where the game should be located in the real world. Users are able to play the augmented reality version of Angry Birds the same way they would the traditional version. The game does not rely on markers for its augmented reality system, meaning that the game itself can be superimposed on just about any static surface.

Video demo shows off augmented reality version of Angry Birds

PendAR has released a video showcasing its augmented reality Angry Birds game. The game is still in its beta phase of testing and the developer is working on improving its performance as well as resolving some of the bugs it has seen in the game. Whether the game will see the light of day is another matter entirely and may be based on whether PendAR hopes to see some profit from its efforts or if the developer will decide to release the game for free.

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