Augmented reality technology heading for classrooms in Australia

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Augmented Reality Education
Augmented reality may soon be coming to classrooms in Australia. Researchers from the University of Canberra, lead by Danny Munnerley, have been working on the AR Studio project for several years in an attempt to bring augmented reality technology to the world of education. The project aims to give educators new tools to help teach a new generation of tech-savvy individuals whose lives will be more intertwined with technology than any other generation.

Augmented reality is seeing most use in the gaming industry where the technology is being utilized to create highly interactive games. The AR Studio project is taking a new approach to the technology but researchers will work to keep the more entertaining and engaging aspects of the technology intact.

Using augmented reality, Munnerley and his colleagues will be able to embed virtual information within textbooks through the use of markers, such as QR codes. When a smart phone is pointed at the markers, a virtual display is triggered, which will allow students to find out a little bit more information regarding a particular topic. The first books to feature these markers are expected to be released in November of this year when the AR system is installed in the University’s Innovation Centre for Education.

Researchers working on the AR Studio project believe that the technology will help students feel more engaged in the learning process and may improve their experience at the University overall.

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