Augmented reality technology adopted by the British Museum

british museum augmented reality technology

This new learning experience at the massive London landmark was developed through a Samsung partnership.

Samsung and the British Museum have now announced that they have renewed their five year partnership deal that will allow them to use augmented reality technology to provide visitors to the attraction with an app that will allow them to learn more than is available on printed signage.

The deal is for the creation of a new application that will combine the real and the digital worlds.

The app, which uses augmented reality technology, is called A Gift for Athena. It is available to visitors using mobile devices so that they can enhance their experience as they make their way through the British Museum. The application is distributed through a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 to children who are visiting the world famous museum. The kids use these devices to make a game out of learning as they discover various different elements of history that are worked into challenges. This makes it possible to educate them in a highly interactive and interesting way.

british museum augmented reality technologyThe augmented reality technology used by the app was created in a way as to overcome typical limitations.

The creators of the app, Gamar, have dedicated months of their time to make sure that their work would be perfected and that the typical limitations associated with AR tech and scanning QR codes could be overcome. What they developed was a type of recognition that is very easy to use.

For instance, in one part of the game, the user is required to locate certain statues based on the outlines that are provided on the device screen. They must then be lined up with the actual statue in real life. Once that was accomplished, the reward was another piece to the puzzle in the story so that the user could move forward in the educational game.

Many users may also find the map of the British Museum to be quite handy, with indicators suggesting the next part of the museum that should be visited. As this building is massive and it is not uncommon for visitors to become turned around and lost, that feature might be popular among adults, as well as the children. Overall, the augmented reality technology provides an enhanced, educational , and fun experience for kids and grownups alike.

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