Augmented reality takes virtual tourism to a new level

Augmented Reality Travel App

Augmented Reality Travel App

Many wish that they could travel more but are unable to do so for a variety of reasons. Augmented reality may hold the solution, as Tour Wrist, a mobile marketing company offering high-quality virtual tours, is eager to show with its latest mobile application. Virtual tours are quite popular in the real estate business. Indeed, Tour Wrist has worked in that industry for several years, providing highly detailed tours. The company’s app, bearing the same name as the company itself, will not be showing off tours of homes. Rather, smart phone users will be able to visit exotic locations abroad from wherever they are at the time.

The application makes use of augmented reality technology to completely change the surrounding environment. The experience is akin to a feature in Google Maps that allows viewers to zoom into a specific location and take a look around. Tour Wrist’s application, however, offers a much more high quality view of the world.

Beyond the novelty value of the application, it exhibits a shift toward a new trend known as virtual tourism. Being able to quickly visit locations and gain a glimpse of the scenery enables travelers to appreciate the beauty of a location before going there. Virtual tourism is still in its infancy, but if augmented reality continues to be used in this way, the likelihood of it attaining a strong position in society is quite high.

Tour Wrist developers are currently developing additional features for their application that will allow users to move forward and backward in the world instead of being restricted to a stationary 360 degree view.

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