Augmented reality system detailed in new Apple patent

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Apple wins patent for head-mounted augmented reality system

Apple has won a patent form the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for the development of a head-mounted augmented reality system. Thus far, Google has been the biggest name in the head-mount augmented reality arena. The company has been flaunting the uses of its ambitious Project Glass system, taking every opportunity to show off its high-tech capabilities. Apple will soon enter into the augmented reality battlefield with its own head-mounted product, which may end up being more sophisticated than its competitor.

System to make use of multiple sensors and displays to provide users with immersive experience

According to the patent, Apple’s augmented reality system is designed to display digital information in front of the eyes of its wearer. A number of projectors, sensors, and liquid crystal displays will be used in the system to provide users with an impressive but unobtrusive experience. The patent details how the system is to work through a series of diagrams, but does not indicate what form the system will take. Apple has been somewhat secretive about this aspect of its augmented reality system, thus leading to speculation that the system may be a helmet or any something similar.

Apple’s interest in augmented reality continues to show

Apple has shown a great deal of interest in augmented reality recently. The technology company has long been on the cutting edge of interactivity, providing consumers with access to innovative products like the iPhone. Augmented reality represents a new era of interactivity and consumers engagement for Apple as well as other technology companies. The prospect of making a self-contain augmented reality system that consumers could tether themselves to in a similar way they have done with smart phones has proven to be an attractive concept to many companies.

Augmented reality system is expected to compete with Project Glass in the future

There are no details concerning when or if Apple intends to release its augmented reality system. Google’s Project Glass is expected to be available at sometime in 2014, giving Apple some time to develop a system that may be able to compete.

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