Augmented reality system could change the way the security world works in the future

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Motorola Solutions, the expansive business wing of the prestigious telecommunications company, recently held an innovation contest searching for the most ambitious context-aware application platforms in the country. Each platform entered into the contest was based upon the Golden-i headset computer system. The system combines cloud computing with augmented reality to give users access to a wide variety of information. Motorola awarded Appear, a vendor of specialized mobile applications, and Ryerson University’s Flybits, a R&D organization.

Appear has built a new system to be used with the Golden-I platform that caters to the security and law enforcement industries. The new system will allow law enforcement and security professionals to intuitively interact with their surroundings in a virtual way. This is accomplished through the augmented reality technologies present within the Golden-I headset. A wealth of information, including area maps and live camera feeds, can be accessed through the use of Appear’s new system.

Appear’s efforts were made possible thanks to two years of research conducted by the Ryerson University’s Flybits branch. Researchers believe that the hands-free system will, one day, revolutionize the way security forces conduct their operations. The system has a decidedly science-fiction aspect, as it allows users to enhance their surroundings with the help of virtual displays. The new system may bring major changes to the world of security, but such changes may be years in the future.

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