Augmented reality on the verge of becoming a mainstream technology

Augmented Reality Marketing

 Augmented Reality Marketing
Once upon a time, augmented reality was considered little more than a novelty. Now, however, it is becoming one of the most promising technologies in the world. More companies are working to build their business around augmented reality, hoping to capitalize on the growing interest in AR amongst consumers. Though the technology is still in a fledgling state, Claire Boonstra, co-founder of Layar, one of the world’s most innovative AR companies, says that it is on the cusp of becoming a mainstream phenomenon.

The sudden interest surrounding augmented reality is due to the advent of smart phones. Mobile technology is advancing at a rapid pace. With this advancement comes a higher demand for innovation from consumers. While augmented reality is not a new technology, having been first developed decades ago in tandem with 3D technology, it has been used sparingly in the past. Boonstra says that the technology still has quite a ways to go before it can become a household name, but that day may be on the horizon as companies like Apple and Intel make serious efforts to incorporate the technology.

Alone, Layar has reached more than 10 million smart phones across its various applications. This shows the interest consumers have for the technology and, Boonstra notes, the possibilities for growth in the industry. How companies apply this to their own efforts regarding augmented reality will determine the success of the technology as a whole. Boonstra hopes that companies will pay particular attention to the quality over quantity aspect, especially when it comes to mobile applications.

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