Augmented reality modernizes marketing in the auto industry

Augmented Reality car

Automakers turn to augmented reality to engage consumers

As consumers around the world become more reliant on mobile technology, advertisers have been forced to adapt to this trend or risk being left behind. The demand for dynamic marketing is on the rise and advertisers may be able to meet this demand with the help of augmented reality. The technology has won favor from consumers around the world because of its interactive nature. Now, the auto industry is showing strong interest in this technology to market to consumers in a new way.

Showrooms may be a thing of the past

Over the past few years, fewer consumers have been visiting showroom, showing preference for learning about the vehicles they are interested in online. Automakers had traditionally relied on showrooms to exhibit some of the qualities of their vehicles, but with consumers favoring digital media, these companies are beginning to look for new ways to engage consumers. Augmented reality may be the key and the technology has become the focal point for so called virtual showrooms.

Augmented Reality carMarketing campaign allows consumers to experience vehicles no matter where they are

Cadillac was one of the first to launch an augmented reality showroom. The automaker’s virtual showroom was launched last year and took place in many cities throughout the U.S. Consumers with iPads could activate augmented reality content that was embedded in chalk murals that were part of the automaker’s marketing campaign. This augmented reality content allowed consumers to watch Cadillac vehicles drive through mountainous regions in China and other countries.

Toyota takes advantage of the capabilities of augmented reality

Cadillac is not the only automaker that has turned to augmented reality to engage consumers through ambitious new marketing campaigns. Toyota is also making use of the technology in order to catch the attention of consumers. Toyota’s campaigns leverage the celebrity power of acclaimed pop icon Hatsune Miku, who is actually a virtual creation herself. Thus far, the use of augmented reality has helped attract attention to Toyota’s new vehicles and the technology is likely to have a place in the automaker’s future marketing endeavors.

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