Augmented reality may have a role to play in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce

Mobile CommerceFuture of mobile commerce may be influenced by augmented reality

Mobile commerce is becoming a very big deal among consumers. More people are beginning to demand the ability to shop and purchase products from their mobile devices, and these devices are becoming increasingly useful product research tools for many consumers. As mobile shopping becomes more prominent, the capabilities of interactive technologies are getting more attention, as is the case with augmented reality. Augmented reality is beginning to play a major role in the way people shop for products online using their mobile device.

Application allows users to test products before making a purchase

Augment, a new mobile application for the Android and iOS platforms, leverages augmented reality to help consumers visualize how products will look in their homes. Using the Augment application, consumers can find products that they are interested in online and opt have a 3D render of these products placed in their home. The digital image is superimposed over the real world environment and can be adjusted by the user in order to find the best location for their product.

Augmented reality used in the fashion industry

Though Augment focuses largely on furniture, augmented reality has been used in other areas of retail in the past. The technology has, for instance, been used in the fashion industry to show off how clothes may look on consumers. Virtual dressing rooms make use of the technology and allow consumers to find articles of clothing they are interested in and have virtual representations of these clothes superimposed over their bodies to see how they might look.

Interactive technology may make mobile commerce more appealing

Augmented reality may play a major role in the future of mobile commerce, as the technology allows for more interactivity between consumers and the products that they are interested in. The ability to try out a product before it is purchased is very important to many consumers. Augmented reality could also be a very powerful research tool, providing consumers with a more dynamic way to find information on particular products.

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